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Tree Maintenance Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania



Delchester Tree Service is your source for tree maintenance and removal in the West Chester, Pennsylvania, area. Contact us today to schedule service. We are now certified through Arborjet to treat your trees through systemic injections. This is to care for the Emerald Ash Borer & Asian Longhorn Beetle. Call us for more information.
Pruning a tree - Bracing & Cabling in West Chester, PA

Tree Maintenance & Pruning

Whether you need your trees pruned to keep them from scraping your home, hitting electrical wires, or simply to shape them, we can help. Pruning also helps to reduce the weight of the trees and to allow more light into your home. Sometimes we perform cabling for splitting trees. Removing diseased or cracked limbs will prevent them from falling on your home or vehicles. You may also opt to thin interior limbs that are rubbing other limbs. This prevents the limbs from weakening each other.

How often a tree needs to be pruned depends on the type, age, and health of the tree. Routine maintenance inspections ensure all pruning is done in a timely manner.
Contact our tree service today in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for tree maintenance and pruning.